5 Main Mistakes That Stop Bloggers From Making Money Online

Many people know that blogging is a powerful tool that helps you make money online and several bloggers are already reaping high revenues from their endeavors. However, very few bloggers succeed to make money online through blogging mainly because many make various unavoidable mistakes.

blogging mistakes

Here are five major bloggers mistakes you should try as much as possible to avoid if you want to succeed online:

1. Wanting to emulate large establishments and corporations

This is one of the biggest blogger mistakes that most people fall victim to. In all fairness, large institutions invest a lot in developing top quality websites and blogs that can attract visitors and keep them interacting with their products. While having a high quality blog should be your ultimate goal, it is important to remember that each blog has its unique characteristics, demands and requirements. It is dictated by your audience and those within your niche. There is no need to have advanced features that will slow down your loading time and present several usability problems when your target is a group that is looking for something simple.

2. Ignoring the significant personal development

This is another mistake many new bloggers make mainly because they try to copy the corporations. Your attitude will dictate how successful you become, and it is easy to give up soon after starting your blog. Many failures result from bloggers who were quick to launch several aspects of their blog in one day and later found out they messed everything. Take time to guest blog and put out as much quality content as possible to get more reads.

3. Failing to meet other bloggers

This is a terrible mistake and totally un-insightful. It is important to make a few blogging friends and join a couple of blogging networks and forums if you want to prosper. This does not only give you the chance to learn various blogging insights but also presents opportunities for guest blogging and harnessing your network’s followers.

4. Limiting content to the typical word-count

Some bloggers will say, “Nobody reads content that is 2000 words.” Well, then sites like Wikipedia would have the least visitors which unfortunately is not the case. You should not compromise your content’s quality because you want to have the same word count as other blogs in your niche. Provided you offer excellent quality articles, people will read and leave reviews that will help you grow.

5. Stopping at article writing

Writing a post is only one aspect of blogging, and if you stop there, then you are making the biggest mistake and wasting your effort. You must be online to read reviews and comments, reply them and interact with your audience. Even corporates that ignore most comments (because they have too many followers some of which are purchased) still find time to answer a couple. You must also learn to interact with your followers.


There are many other bloggers mistakes including straying off your niche’s topics, ignoring images and rushing the entire process. Before starting a blog, you should take sufficient time to research and improve you an understanding of its nature and demands.